Paul H. Frampton’s
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2014 – present:   Unofficial Visitor,   Oxford University,   UK.
2014 – present:   Visiting Professor,   University of Salento,   Italy.
1980 – 2014 :
Faculty member at UNC-Chapel Hill.
1996 – 2014 :
Louis D. Rubin, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Physics
and Astronomy at UNC-Chapel Hill.
Postdoctoral jobs held during 1968-80 included at:
University of Chicago,   CERN,   Syracuse University,
UCLA,   Ohio State University and Harvard University.
Visits of at least six months have been made to :
UT-Austin,   Boston University,   CERN,
Perimeter Institute   and IPMU-Tokyo.
Curriculum Vitae:   link.
List of 462 scientific publications:   link.
List of 293 refereed articles:   link.
List of 327 physics talks:   link.
List of 12 books published:   link.
60th Fest 2003 with 3 Nobel prizewinners :   link
Interventions by 10 senior physicists:   link
Academic ancestry :   link
Particle theory prizewinner pictures : link
Plus particle experiment and a mathematician : link
Theorists with 3 prizewinning coauthors : link
List of 54 courses instructed at UNC:   link.
List of 37 research students at UNC:   link.
King Charles I School,   Kidderminster 1954-62 :  link.
Oxford University 1962-68:   link.
Dark Matter:   link  (2018)  link   (2015).
Bileptons:   link  (2017).