Research accomplishments
of Paul H. Frampton.

1967. Relationship and overlaps between superconvergence
and finite-energy sum rules.

1971. New one-parameter fit to the proton electromagnetic
form factor which improved on the traditional dipole formula.

1976. First calculation of vacuum decay in quantum
field theory, subsequently used in inflationary cosmology.

1980. First examples of grand unification of flavour
including an SU(9) model.

1982. First calculation of hexagon anomaly for gauge theories in
ten spacetime dimensions, subsequently used in superstring theory.

1986. Published Gauge Field Theories text book. Second edition
2000; Third edition 2008. Sold in excess of 10,000 copies.

1987. Co-inventor of chiral color theory which predicted axigluon

1988. Initial development of p-Adic strings.

1992. Invented extension of the standard model which explains
occurrence of three quark-lepton families and predicts |Q|=|L|=2
bilepton resonance in like-sign lepton pairs.

1995. Introduction of binary tetrahedral group as flavour symmetry
for quarks and leptons.

1999. Initial development of quiver gauge theories.

2002. First relationship derived between CP violation in
high-energy leptogenesis and low-energy neutrino oscillations.

2002. Studied the allowed texture zeroes in the neutrino mass

2007. Invented novel model for cyclic cosmology which resolves
the Tolman entropy conundrum.

2010. Axigluon explanation for top quark-antiquark asymmetry
in proton-antiproton scattering.

2010. Used entropic gravity to explain accelerating universe.

2010. Invented production mechanism for arbitrarily high mass
primordial black holes.

2015. Proposal that the dark matter constituents are primordial
black holes with many solar masses.

2018. Proposed as the reason for the existence of dark matter
compliance with the second law of thermodynamics in the early

2020. Co-discoverer of general theorem on hierarchies of masses
and mixing angles in flavour physics.

Total citations above 10,000.

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Cultore della Materia, University of Salento,   Italy.
Day Visitor, Oxford physics.

Louis D. Rubin, Jr.   Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Boston University. 1986-87.
University of Tokyo. 2009-10.

68-70.  Chicago; 70-72  CERN; 72-75  Syracuse University;
75-77 UCLA; 77-78  Ohio State; 78-80 Harvard University.
1980-2000: Affiliate of Harvard physics.

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