Academic Ancestry
of Paul Frampton

Academic ancestry is here defined by doctoral adviser to doctoral student. Let us make a defensible choice of the five best-ever physicists and mathematicians as Dirac, Einstein, Euler, Gauss, Newton. Since Einstein and Newton had no doctoral students, the most such an ancestry could contain are the three Dirac, Euler, Gauss. This holds for Richard Eden and his descendants of whom I am one.

Paul Frampton (PhD 1968 Oxford)

Frampton’s adviser:
John Clayton Taylor (PhD 1955 Cambridge)

Taylor’s co-advisers:
Richard Eden (PhD 1948 Cambridge) 
Abdus Salam (PhD 1952 Cambridge).

Eden’s co-advisers: 
Paul Dirac (PhD 1926 Cambridge)
Werner Heisenberg (PhD 1923 Munich)
Heisenberg’s adviser:
Arnold Sommerfeld (PhD 1891 Konigsberg)

Salam’s adviser: 
Nicholas Kemmer (PhD 1935 Zurich) 
Kemmer’s adviser: 
Wolfgang Pauli (PhD 1921 Munich)
Pauli’s adviser:
Arnold Sommerfeld (PhD 1891 Konigsberg) 
Sommerfeld’s adviser:
Ferdinand Lindemann (PhD 1873 Nurenberg) 
Lindemann’s adviser: 
Felix Klein (PhD 1868 Bonn) 
Klein’s co-advisers:
Julius Plucker (PhD 1823 Marburg) 
Rudolf Lipschitz (PhD 1853 Berlin) 

Plucker’s adviser: 
Christian Gerling (PhD 1812 Gottingen) 
Gerling’s adviser: 
Carl Gauss (PhD 1799 Helmstedt) 

Lipschitz’s adviser: 
Gustav Dirichlet (PhD 1827 Bonn) 
Dirichlet’s adviser: 
Simeon Poisson (PhD 1802 Paris) 
Poisson’s adviser: 
Joseph Lagrange (PhD 1766 Berlin) 
Lagrange’s adviser: 
Leonard Euler (PhD 1726 Basel) 

Using the analogy between academic and blood ancestries :
Dirac is my great grandfather.
Euler is my 10-greats grandfather.
Gauss is my 8-greats grandfather.