Paul H Frampton and Oxford University 

1962-65, undergraduate at Oxford University as
Hulme Open Scholar of Brasenose College with, as
tutor in theoretical physics, Simon Altmann.
1965-68, graduate student at Oxford University as
Senior Hulme Scholar of Brasenose College with, as
DPhil supervisor, John Clayton Taylor.
In 2006, there was a gaudy at Brasenose College and
three pictures taken at that event are here:  link.
Degrees received from Oxford
In 1963, Honour Moderations with First-Class Honours.   
In 1965, Final Honours Schools, with First-Class Honours
B.A (Oxon) in 1965 became an M.A.(Oxon) degree in 1968.   
In 1968, for a thesis entitled Regge Poles and Sum Rules, D.Phil. (Oxon) with,   as examiners,   Dick Dalitz and   Elliot Leader.   
In 1984, on the basis of research publications, D.Sc.(Oxon) degree.   
Add C.Phys.,   F.Inst.P. from the Institute of Physics to arrive at
M.A. (Oxon),   D.Phil. (Oxon),   D.Sc. (Oxon),   C.Phys.,  F.InstP.