Paul Howard Frampton
Oxford University

Hulme Open Scholar, Brasenose College with as tutors:
Simon Altmann, Desmond Bagguley, John Lewis and John Peach.
BA degree 1965.
Elected Senior Hulme Scholar 1965.

Senior Hulme Scholar, Brasenose College,
Graduate student, Oxford University’s Department of Physics
with as research supervisor, John Clayton Taylor, FRS.
DPhil degree 1968.

Examinations at, and degrees from, Oxford University
In 1963, Honour Moderations with First-Class Honours.   
In 1965, Final Honours Schools with First-Class Honours.
This combination is called a Double First.
BA degree 1965.
M.A., D. Phil. degrees 1968. 1984. Based on refereed journal articles.

M.A. (Oxon). D.Phil.(Oxon), D.Sc.(Oxon).