Paul frampton
Quotations by Nobel prizewinners
on my work
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His consistent SU(3) X SU(3) X U(1) model extension of the Standard Model has the unparalleled property of predicting precisely three families of fermions. His ingenious model necessarily involves doubly-charged gauge bosons.
Sheldon Glashow who shared the 1979 Nobel prize for physics.

He has an excellent reputation as a theoretical physics professor and researcher. He has participated in several of the important developments in elementary particle physics, string theory and cosmology, always introducing original ideas and proposals.
Gerard  `t Hooft who shared the Nobel prize for physics in 1999.

It was the start of string theory, he is a most brilliant man.
Yoichiro Nambu (1921-2015) who shared the 2008 Nobel
prize for physics.