[10 ITEMS]

“an outstanding physicist with important papers to his credit”
Stephen Adler.

“could conceivably share a Nobel prize for
the theory of dark matter”
George Chapline.

“held in the highest regard by the
international scientific community”.
Michael Duff.

“an esteemed teacher and accomplished researcher”.
Sheldon Glashow.

“one of the brightest minds in theoretical physics”.
Lawrence Hall.

“it was the start of string theory, he is a most brilliant man”
Yoichiro Nambu.

“an acknowledged leader in the field of high-energy physics”.
Stuart Raby.

“an icon of theoretical physics for more than thirty years”.
John Ralston.

“has made outstanding contributions to
particle physics and cosmology”.
Alex Vilenkin.

“his contributions to theoretical physics are at the highest level”.
Edward Witten.