Paul Frampton
list of RESEARCH Students
[35 items]


1.Gary Lipton. PhD 1984.        Left physics.
    Grand Unification and Cosmological Matter Density.
2.Abhijit Kshirsagar. PhD 1987.   Professor.
University of Pune, India.

   Topics in Superstring Theory.
3.Marcelo Ubriaco. PhD 1989. Professor.
University of Puerto Rico.  
    P-Adic Numbers in String and Field Theory.
4.Frank Cuypers. PhD 1989.        Left physics.
    Chiral Color and Axigluons.
5.Jyoti Agrawal. PhD 1994.        Left physics.
    Phenomenology of Sarks and Bileptons.
6.Charles Rasco. PhD 1996.        Left physics.
    Detecting Gauge Structure Beyond the Standard Model.
7. Otto Kong. PhD 1997.    Professor.
National Central University, Taiwan   
    Dicyclic Horizontal Symmetries.
8.James Dunn. PhD 2003.  Professor
Lawrence University, Wisconsin.  

    Dark Energy Parameters.
9.Myoung Oh. PhD 2003.     Professor
University of Seoul, South Korea.  

    Neutrino Masses and Mixings.
10.James Crooks. PhD 2005.        Left physics.
    Coupled and Catalyzed Quintessence.
11.Lauris Baum. PhD 2009.       Left physics.
    A Cyclic Cosmology.
12.Kevin Ludwick. PhD 2013.    Professor.
La Grange College, GA.

    Dark Matter and Dark Energy.


13.Dr. Thomas W. Kephart. [1981-83].     Professor
Vanderbilt University.  

14.Dr. Katsuji Yamamoto. [1983-85].    Professor
Kyoto University, Japan.
15.Dr. Peter Moxhay. [1983-85].        Left physics.
16.Dr. Harry Braden. [1985-87].  Professor
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
17.Dr. Yukio Kikuchi. [1985-87].        Left physics.
18.Dr. James Wheeler. [1986-88].   Professor
Utah State University.  

19.Dr. Yasuhiro Okada. [1987-12/31/1988].   Professor,
KEK National Laboratory, Japan.
20.Dr. Hitoshi Nishino. [1988-90].   Professor.
California State University, Long Beach.
21.Dr. Bum-Hoon Lee. [1/1-8/31/1989].   Professor.
Sogang University, South Korea.
22.Dr. Osamu Yasuda [1989-1991].  Professor,
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan.
23.Dr. Daniel Ng. [1990-92].        Left physics.
24.Dr. Masahiro Yamaguchi. [1991-4/30/1992].   Professor.
Tohoku University, Japan.
25.Dr. James T. Liu. [1991-93].  Professor.
University of Michigan.
26.Dr. Plamen Krastev. [1992-94].        Left physics.
27.Dr. Wei Chen. [1993-95].        Left physics.

28.Dr. Brian Wright. [3/1/1995-1997].        Left physics.
29.Dr. Masayasu Harada. [1997-10/31/1998].  Professor.
Nagoya University, Japan.
30.Dr. Andrei Rasin. [12/1/1998-2000]        Left physics.
31.Dr. Tadashi Yoshikawa. [2000-2002]   Professor.
Nagoya University, Japan.
32.Dr. Tomo Takahashi. [2002-3/31/2004]  Professor.
Saga University, Japan.
33.Dr. Xavier Calmet [2004-5/31/2005]   Professor.
University of Sussex, United Kingdom.
34.Dr. Edoardo Di Napoli [2005-2007]        Left physics.
35.Dr. Shinya Matsuzaki [2007-2009]  Professor.
Jilin University, China.

Of 35 research students, 21 went on to become a

University Professor.