Curriculum Vitae
paul frampton

2014 – present,   Day Visitor, Oxford University,   UK.
Concurrently Visiting Professor, University of Salento, Italy.
1996-2014.   Louis D. Rubin, Jr.   Distinguished Professor of Physics
and Astronomy,   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH).
1980-2014.  Faculty member at UNC-CH.
1968-80.   Postdocs at
Chicago,   CERN as CERN Fellow,   Syracuse,
UCLA,   Ohio State and   Harvard University.
1980-2014.   Long visits 6 or 12 months to:
UT-Austin,   Boston University,  CERN,  
Perimeter Institute   and IPMU-Tokyo.
1954-1962   King Charles School,   Kidderminster.
1962-1968.   Undergraduate / Postgraduate at Brasenose College,
Oxford University.
1965.   B.A. with First Class Honours.
1968   M.A.,   D.Phil.
1984   D. Sc.   Oxford advanced degree.
Hulme Open Scholar,   Brasenose College, Oxford.   1962-65.
Senior Hulme Scholar,   Brasenose College, Oxford.   1965-68.
Fellow,   American Physical Society.   1981.
Fellow,   Institute of Physics.   1986.
Fellow,   American Association for Advancement of Science.   1990.
60th Fest in 2003 at Lago Mar Resort.    link.
54 courses instructed:   link.  
37 research students:   link.
Particle theory and cosmology.
468 scientific publications.
12,716 citations Google Scholar.    9,640 citations INSPIRE.
Most successful solo publication:
824 citations Google Scholar.    633 citations INSPIRE.
h = 60 Google Scholar.    h = 51 INSPIRE.