Curriculum Vitae
paul frampton

Paul Howard Frampton
Cultore della Materia,  University of Salento,   Lecce,  Italy,
Day Visitor, Physics Department, Oxford University.
Former faculty position 1981-2014
Louis D. Rubin, Jr.   Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Former postdoctoral fellowships 1968-81
1968-70.  Chicago; 70-72  CERN Fellow; 72-75  Syracuse University;
75-77 UCLA; 77-78  Ohio State;   and 78-81 Harvard University.
Education 1954-68
1954-1962   King Charles School,   Kidderminster.
1962-1968.   Brasenose College, Oxford University.
Date and place of birth
31st October 1943;    Kidderminster, UK.