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UniSalento, Lecce, Italy.
e-MAIL and CV
Curriculum Vitae: link.
PROFESSOR  1981-2014  
Louis D. Rubin, Jr.  Distinguished Professor.
UNC-Chapel Hill, USA.
1982-83, Visiting professor, UT-Austin.
1986-87, Visiting professor, Boston University.
2009-10, Visiting distinguished professor, University of Tokyo.
Particle theory and theoretical cosmology.
501 papers, link, including 322 refereed journal articles, link,
many conference proceedings and four books, link.
11,125 citations on iNSPIRE, link, including
twenty-eight papers with a hundred citations each and
777 citations for one solo paper which predicts, possibly
correctly, a new particle called the bilepton.
375 physics talks in thirty-three different countries:   link.
Sixtieth Anniversary festschrift:   link.
Four physics books (two technical, two popular):   link.
Three different Nobel-prize coauthors:   link.
Comments about research by three Nobel prizewinners:   link.
Particle theory
An important particle theory paper is numbered 202 on the publication list.
This paper has 777 citations. It predicts a bilepton resonance in same-sign leptons with mass below 4 TeV. The LHC has a relevant search which may be completed in 2023.
One Nobel prizewinner has promised to support a Nobel prize, if this theory is supported.
Theoretical cosmology
An important theoretical cosmology papers is numbered 317 on the publication list.
This paper has 472 citations. It shows that if matter-antimatter asymmetry originates
from the leptogenesis mechanism with a CP-violating phase which coincides with that in
terrestrial neutrino experiments, then Nature chooses this theory.
Fellow of American Physical Society, 1981.
D.Sc. advanced degree, University of Oxford. 1984.
Fellow of Institute of Physics, 1986.
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1989.
Nineteen courses instructed:   link.
Thirty-five research students, link, of whom
twenty-one went on to become university professors.
POSTDOCS 1968-1980
University of Chicago 1968-70; CERN Fellow 1970-72;
Syracuse University 1972-75; UCLA 1975-77;
Harvard University 1978-80.
EDUCATION 1954-1968
King Charles School, Kidderminster.    1954-62.    link.
University of Oxford.    1962-68    link.
Open Hulme Scholar 1962-65, Senior Hulme Scholar 1965-68,
of Brasenose College.

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